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When you own a business, part of your risk management strategy is looking at the hard ‘what if’ scenarios.  

  • “What is the financial risk to my business if I or my business partner were to die?” 
  • “What is the financial risk to my business if one of my key people has a major car accident?”
  • “What is the financial risk to my business if serious illness prevented me from being able to work for the next 3 months or ever again?”
  • “What would the impact be on cash-flow and loss of profits of the business, in the event of death, disability or serious illness of the following key people?”
    • The business owners or co-owners
    • Employees in the business who have specialist skills or expertise
    • Anyone who has given a personal guarantee for a business loan

Chances are you’ve insured your business against property loss, damage or breakdown, but what about your most valuable asset – yourself, your business partners and/or your key staff members? 

The loss, or temporary loss, of a sole trader, a key employee, an owner, business partner or a key person can have a dramatic impact on any business. Profits can fall, loans may have to be repaid at short notice or, at worst, the future viability of the business can come under threat. 

Succeeding in business is challenging enough, without having to worry about the unexpected consequences of illness, injury or death. With the right mix of business insurance in place, you will have in place a contingency plan for your business - keeping it healthy and financially viable should you or one of your key people become sick, disabled or die.

An Adelphi Insurance adviser can sit down with you and your business partners, in the comfort of your office or home, and develop your business's personalised Business Insurance Plan to determine the ideal level of cover you need for your business’s unique circumstances and needs.



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